Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Avilokiteshvara - Buddha of Compassion"

This is nice:

From allinthemind The mantra of Buddha Avilokiteshvara (Buddha of Compassion), what the mantra means, some tibetan throat chanting by Lama Tashi, along with a few visuals. Please enjoy!


kunzang said...

I came to say hello and thank you for your note on my blog - and instead was greeted with a most beautiful blessing. I love Chenresig, his staue is the centrepiece of my altar,and his mantra is written in my heart. Thank you so much for that, i was mesmerised and deeply moved.
Glad to have the link with you - the beauty of this path is that it is ever potent, alive and filled with opportunity, so we each can engage in whatever way arises in our lives. i loved the lizard story - compassion in action!

EdaMommy said...

Thank you for your beautiful comment. ^_^