Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fun

From "a radio broadcast of Lama Zopa Rinpoche speaking to the Mongolian people."

"Before the broadcast started, Venerable Sarah Thresher asked Rinpoche why Mongolia needed Buddhism. Rinpoche's inimitable response contains the entire path to enlightenment and is certain to lift the spirits of everyone who hears it!"


kunzang said...

I love it!!!
Especially as this very weekend, my 'mother temple' KPC MD is hosting visitors from Mongolia. One of our monks lives in Mongolia, to create the links for the Nyingma tradition to be re-established. He has returned with two women from the women's Dharma group, who have come to receive Jetsunma's blessing and request she travel to Mongolia and teach. Most auspiciosly, there will be a formal ceremony tomorrow, of offerings and request.
So hearing Rinpoche's infectious laughter was like the joy of absolute certainty.....

EdaMommy said...

Here's hoping that it all went really well! ^_^