Thursday, June 14, 2007


Last night I went for my first Dharma Study, though it was a bit of a drive - I had to haul my cookies all the way to Gulf Breeze (just outside of Pensacola) to visit Palyul Changchub Choling. They're "... a sangha or group who study and practice Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma tradition according to the Palyul nam-cho practices.[Links are mine]"

I doubt I can go every week right now (2 hrs in a car with $3 gas), but they're such a great group, and I can do preliminary practices (Ngondro) with them and take refuge the next time the lama comes. I've thought about it, and I think Tibetan Buddhism is the best place for me to start right now, although I have a great deal of respect for the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Going to the study group last night felt so right - I was comfortable with the meditation session and the dharma discussion - I felt at home in the material and even felt like I had something to contribute to the discussion. (For what it's worth, they were discussing What Makes You Not a Buddhist by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse. I don't have it, but it seems like an interesting read, if slim. Maybe once I've caught up on my other Dharma reading....Apparently, this is a much lighter/easier work than their last selection, which was a book on Dzogchen.)

Perhaps soon I can go back, and maybe I'll even remember to bring my camera. ^_^


Ray said...

lovely to hear that you have managed to connect with a buddhist sangha!

kunzang said...

Well, what can I say except welcome to the family! I took ordination vows with HH Penor Rinpoche at the NY Palyul Retreat Centre, and of course KPC is a Palyul Centre, and HH is Jetsunma's, and therefore my, teacher!
I wonder if there is a woman called Johnnie in that group? I met her at NY retreat in 99 - I wasn't ordained then, had come from Australia; we cleaned the bathroom together. We did retreat again in 2000, when I was ordained. If she is part of that group, please say hello!
Being part of a Sangha provides a supportive framework to nurture you on the Path. Connecting with a pure lineage and taking Refuge is the foundation for ripening the blessings of the holy Dharma. Beginning Ngondro will open a door you never even knew existed, to a place beyond our imaginations, right inside your heart.
I am joyful for you, Dharma sister!

Gregor said...

Congratulations, I am very glad you found a Sangha & tradition that work for you.

Wonderful stuff, a very auspicious event for sure.



EdaMommy said...

Ray - Happy to "see" you, and thanks. I really appreciate that first comment you left....

Kunzang - very cool! :D I'm not sure if Johnnie was there - I will make a point to see, next time. Thank you for your wonderful comment - it was very encouraging!

Thank you and gassho in return, Gregor. (I'm really enjoying your blog, you know.)