Friday, July 27, 2007

Dog Noses and Mindfulness

You know, for me sitting sometimes becomes a wonderful lesson in impermanence and attachment. The silent meditation I am experiencing and enjoying may disappear in the sudden appearance of a wet dog nose in my lap. I must consciously use that wet snuffle as a mindfulness bell - nothing is permanent, and being attached to my meditation session does no one any good. It is good to sit, and sit uninterrupted, but I am aware that my life choices (like adopting a dog, and forgetting to shut the door before I sit) affect how my practice may transpire. Meditation is just one piece of a life's practice, and I must always remember that. Sometimes there is more to be learned from mindfully accepting and loving the dog underfoot, or the sleepy child crawling into my lap.


Gregor said...

Great insight, thanks for pointing to this Its an important lesson for me to take into my practice.

A wonderful example of embracing a soft approach towards practice.

Gregor said...

I just had a similar experience. I was sitting Zazen for a good lenght o f time. Usually, when I sit I'm fidgeting and uncomfortable waiting for the time to get up. However, this time was very pleasant and I did not want to stop, I just kept sitting and sitting and sitting.

The phone however had different ideas, and decided to ring interrupting me! Oh well, what could be done? I bowed a quick gassho, took the ringing phone as my meditation bell and got up to get the phone. Not a horrible way to end thing.

I may just turn the phone off next time

EdaMommy said...

Awesome! ^_^ Yeah, phones can totally get in the way of a good sit. Thanks for the comments, as always.

Gregor said...

No problem, next time I'll proof read my comments. Holy typos!

I must have been lightheaded from the Zazen.