Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Overdue Update

Well, I hate to say, it, 'cause I love da layout, but I've made the decision to port this blog to my wordpress account soon. I love the functionality over there, and that's where all my other creative projects are so...expect a move soon.

In more serious news - I've been missing for so long because my Dad's liver began failing. A couple of weeks ago I called in some favors and managed to fly up to see him in Mt. Sinai. To be honest, my Mom and I figured he'd be dead within a week - he was really sick, y'all. And it was hard to watch the progression of his illness. He was diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy - basically as his liver failed, it would spew ammonia it couldn't process into surrounding tissues. This both ruined his muscle tone and messed with his cognition. When I flew up I hadn't really talked to my *Dad* per se in six or eight months.

So, for months and months I've done the only thing I could think to do for my Mom, as far away as we live. I was an ear to her concerns and fears and frustrations. That's been heavy, but I was SO glad to be able to do it. Figured it was the least I could do.

Anyway, he'd been on the transplant list for quite a bit, but we'd had 6 fall through - I few up on a non-refundable ticket because we had thought one was really it. I got on the plane thinking this was my opportunity to spend some last precious time with my parents together - that this was my goodbye to my Dad, more or less. I got off the plane and let my Mom know I was at JFK and I'm happy to report that during my flight they took my Dad into surgery for his transplant.

Long story short, and I'm sure I'll blog more about this and all the other things I've been thinking about - I'm so deeply grateful for transplants - I have my Dad back. Not the befuddled, very sick guy I'd talk to briefly on the phone for a big chunk of the last year - they really cool guy I adore and grew up with. ^_^ Transplants are gobsmackingly amazing. People go into surgery near-death and a week later are able to leave the hospital under their own power. I just hope donor families know how amazing and precious a thing transplants are. I am forever grateful to the donor family that gave my Dad a second lease on life.

Well, this post is meandering. I guess I should just say life has been keeping me busy. And don't get me started on the local economy and our little home based business.... :P

Next post, back to "normal" - whatever that is.... ^_-


kunzang said...

that is fantastic news about your father. i am happy for him, your mother, you....the whole family. and what a gift the donor gave!

EdaMommy said...

Thank you very much for your comment, and for your gift of shared happiness. ^_^

And you are SO, so, SO right - every day I think on my Dad's donor and donor family with deep gratitude.